Choosing the Right Banner Mesh for the Right Communication

Banners remain to be an effective tool for marketing and advertising even in the digital age. Much of the effectiveness of banners relies on the design, and what a great design needs is a good canvas. Certain factors go into consideration when selecting the right banner material for specific applications. One way to start is to understand how the banner will be used: whether it will be displayed indoors or outdoors; how long the banner is going to be on display; or where it will be mounted.

Banner advertisements meant for close display require a high-quality surface to achieve a smoother print, while lower quality banners are best used for displays at farther distances. For banners displayed outdoors, they need to be durable enough to withstand harsh Australian winds.

Jetmark’s Range of High-Quality Banner Materials

Jetmark offers a variety of mesh banner materials, each matching a specific application. Depending on the nature of use, the duration and the durability, there is one mesh material to meet individual requirements.
For large format printing materials displayed outdoors, premium mesh is an ideal option. It provides high-quality print results suitable for marketing at a close distance. Our premium mesh covers 80% fabric surface area and has the longest suggested maximum durability of up to four years.

Our air mesh is highly recommended for banners displayed in wind exposed areas. Air mesh is stronger and slightly heavier than premium mesh, and its superior strength allows it to withstand the challenges of the Australian climate. It has a 65% fabric surface area with a suggested maximum use of two years.
If you are looking for medium print quality, we recommend our open weave mesh. It’s also ideal for high wind exposed areas with a suggested maximum durability of two years. If you require full ink coverage, the open weave is a suitable option for you.

We back our premium and air mesh banners with a variety of finishing options, while the open weave is available with rope edge finishing only. We also offer custom finishing services available upon request. We can stitch banners together to create larger materials or cut them into non-standard, eye-catching shapes that make your banner stand out.

Unbeatable Large Format Printing Services in Australia

Jetmark has years of experience in providing products and solutions for wide format printing trade and services. The company has built a loyal customer base for its unwavering commitment to the sign-making industry.

At Jetmark, our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality and the latest technology in sign making products and machinery. We carry a full spectrum of inks, printers, substrates and other essentials. We continue to expand our range so we can provide you with more high-value options. With each purchase, you have full confidence that our service does not end in the delivery of your item. We have highly trained in-house support technicians ready to assist you with any product-related concerns.

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