Eco-Friendly and Heavily Pigmented Eco-Solvents

The printing industry is a big consumer of energy. Unfortunately, the industry also has a negative impact on the environment. Many types of printer ink have a chemical composition that has a negative impact on water, air and soil quality.

Adverse Effects of Popular Printer Inks

Petroleum-based inks, for example, were once popular due to their fast-drying properties and cost efficiency. Recent studies, however, have proven that petroleum-based inks have chemical compounds that adversely affects not only to the environment but also human health. Benzene, for instance, is a commonly known carcinogen.
Solvent inks contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which cause ozone pollution when released into the environment and reacts with nitrogen oxides. The reaction also leads to health problems like asthma, emphysema and bronchitis, so printing workers are regularly exposed to health hazards unless given protection.
Other conventional inks carry harmful metallic substances like cadmium, lead and mercury.

Going Green: Reducing Health and Environmental Hazards

In recent years, printing companies have become increasingly interested in green practices after knowledge of ink with hazardous substances became better known.
To reduce their impact on the environment and improve safety conditions at work, printing companies are looking for ways to be greener – and one of them is by switching to an eco-friendlier printer ink.

Eco-Solvents Provide a Safer, Greener Alternative

The use of eco-solvent inks is increasing in popularity. These produce much less VOC’s due to its formulation with non-aggressive solvents, in comparison to solvent inks.
Eco-solvents are made from natural substances. They are water-based inks made from ether extracts obtained from mineral oil. This type of ink is biodegradable, meaning that it will not contaminate soil or water and will not affect the environment.

Printing Advantages of Eco-Solvents

Unlike their aggressive solvent counterpart, eco-solvents are more pigmented. This allows printing companies to be more cost-efficient by needing less ink for each project.
Eco-solvents are capable of producing quality prints on a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates as it immediately reacts with the surface. This means that using eco-solvents for matte or glossy materials will retain the respective finishes of the material. This feature also makes eco-solvents ideal for outdoor printing materials like billboards, signs and the like.
Eco-solvent ink offers a wider range of colours compared to latex-based ink. Eco-solvents produce high-quality standard CMYK colours and alternative hues like light cyan, light magenta, light black, green, violet and metallic. This type of ink is waterproof, fast drying and delivers excellent resistance to abrasion.

High-Quality Eco-Solvents for a Variety of Printers

Jetmark provides a full spectrum of eco-solvent inks, providing printing companies not only a greener option but also products that deliver high-quality results. Our inks have been proven to be compatible with a range of large format printers like Roland, Seiko, Mutoh and Agfa, among others.
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