The VHF Active Pro is a highly precise, robust and quick CNC Machine providing you the ideal cost effective routing and milling solution.

The Active Pro is manufactured from low-weight aluminium with a substructure made of profile panels, bolted against each other horizontally to ensure high stability. The legs act as hightensile columns, their honeycomb structure providing the rigidity and strength required for the machine to bear high loads. This construction also enables the operation of high acceleration rates, while thanks to the powerful hybrid motor drive unit it’s possible to mill materials of nearly all hardness grades. Its rack-and-pinion drive achieves a remarkable repetition accuracy of ± 0.05mm.


› The quick and flexible all-rounder
› Optimal for large to very large workpieces
› Special vacuum table integrated in machine table
› Rack-and-pinion drives for x and y axes
› Ball screw spindles for z axis, 2 axes in y direction
› Positioning range: 1020x1020mm – 3020x8020mm
› Z axis lift: 70 – 260mm
› Repetition accuracy: ± 0.05mm

Technical Specifications

ModelX/Y Positioning RangeMounting AreaZ Axis LiftZ Passage Height
CAM 2030 Active Pro2020 x 3020mm2000 x 3000mm70mm*100mm**

* Optionally available with z axis lift 160, 260mm
** Optionally available with z passage height 200, 300mm

Technical Specifications

› Construction using high-strength aluminium profiles
› Stable underframe as integral part of the machine
› Reversed rack-and-pinion drive with precise double linear guides and hybrid motors for x and y axis
› High-revving hybrid motors with gearing for x- and y axis
› Two axes in y direction enable a better distribution of force and a broader scope for special designs
› Z axis with ball screw spindles free from backlash with flanged bearings
› Special vacuum table – with suction units integrated into the substructure of the machine – makes it possible to exchange workpieces within seconds and offers high fixation force (eg. Suction power for cam 2030 active pro 576 m3/h in four separately switchable chambers)
› Dimensioning of x axis: 250 mm, dimensioning of z axis: 175 mm
› Repetition accuracy in x and y direction: ± 0.05 Mm; in z direction: ± 0.01 Mm
› 4 End/reference switches, accuracy < 0.01 Mm
› Cable drag chains for all cables
› Easy-to-maintain construction

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