Has your old printer finally run out of luck?

The telltale signs that its time to upgrade before it’s too late!

Every model of large format Eco Sol printer has their particular strengths and weaknesses and with wear and tear over time these weaknesses are often exposed to the point where maintenance or repairs outweighs the value of the machine. In general it’s the moving parts that sustain the most wear, such as scan motors, feed motors, pinch rollers, carriage bearings, scan belt and bearings along with printheads. And while routine maintenance and calibration can help compensate for some wear, ultimately components will need to be replaced. A number of these components are expensive but without doubt the big ticket item is printheads.

Printheads contain numerous nozzles that direct the ink to the surface media. If some of these nozzles become blocked or damaged it starts to become visually apparent in your prints, particularly when printing at faster speeds. Once several nozzles are damaged the printhead usually needs to be replaced and if this event occurs in more than one head the costs escalate quickly. Printheads can also suffer from misdirection which is mainly due to head strikes and this problem is also something hard to successfully resolve, ultimately requiring head replacement. So, if your printheads are beginning to show misdirection or nozzle damage within more than one head, then it’s the perfect time to pause and consider the options.

The below test print illustrates nozzle damage in the black printhead where you can clearly see how the print lines are clustering rather than being evenly spaced as usual. Damage in either the cyan or magenta heads is more commonly evident in printed images as a banding effect.

Let’s look at an example to get a better picture, a quality well known 4 head eco solvent printer that cost on average $27k 5years ago, is now exhibiting issues with 2 printheads and has a trade-in valued of about $4,500. To replace the 2 faulty printheads would be around $2,700, but in replacing these it doesn’t guarantee that the remaining original heads might not also have problems in the short-medium term, potentially making the cost of repairs greater than the value of the machine! Is it worth taking the risk or should your direct your investment towards a new printer with more features and new generation printheads providing a wider colour gamut and faster print speeds?
So pausing to consider a new printer purchase starts to make a lot of sense, not just financially but from a productivity point of view. The other big issue when considering a new printer is running costs, both for inks and ongoing maintenance. One of the printers well worth considering is the brand new Aurajet which ticks all the boxes in terms of features and reliability, with market leading value in terms of providing lower running costs.
With a 1850mm wide print bed and dual staggered print heads, capable of printing at up to 34sqm/h, the all new Aurajet utilises variable drop technology with 3 dot types for smoother gradations, vivid colours and sharper images. Combined with an advanced feed and take-up system and a vacuum-powered printing platen and the 3 way heating system, Aurajet is a robust production printing that produces beautiful colour results. Aurajet also employs head protect technologies to maximise the life of your printheads, so you can be sure your new printer is helping to looking after its most important assets. Competitively priced at $23,900 +gst the Aurajet is now available when you’re ready to trade-in.