Has your Printer got the Hairy Horrors?

Poor print quality, banding and flicks as apparent in this sample image! You might have a case of the Hairy Horrors!

If this happens to you it’s not as big a problem as you might think and can easily fixed it yourself!

This problem occurs when lint or fluff gets attached to the bottom of the carriage and is subsequently dragged across the wet ink when the printer is in operation.
You can fix this by first carefully checking, then cleaning the bottom of the carriage with a clean dry cloth, be aware that even 1 hair can cause this effect. Be extremely careful not to touch the face of the print heads as they are easily damaged.
Once cleaned, run a test print to ensure you’ve removed all the troublesome material. If it still occurs repeat all steps until clear. If the problem persists contact one of the Jetmark Tech’s for further help.
Happy Printing – Phil