Industry leading trends showcased at APPP Shanghai

Jetmark Directors Craig and David Hornsey have just returned from the APPP Expo in Shanghai, the world’s largest annual advertising and sign industry exhibition.
Several of Jetmarks major supply partners were exhibiting at the show so it was a great chance to catch up and see all the latest technology and what’s being released in the coming year.

LED technology

The emergence of a global trend toward LED curing technology has never been more evident with a raft of manufacturers showcasing variations on this LED theme at the show. Colorjet surprised many in the industry last year with the launch of the incredible LED Vulcan with it’s stunning print quality and fast curing. Colorjet were at it again at APPP, showing off the highly impressive LED Verve Hybrid using the same proven LED technology. Boosting a massive 3.5 x 2.5m flatbed and a 3.2m wide roll capacity this new gen LED Hybrid provides an all-in-one solution at a scale not usually seen. Jetmark is likely to ship the new LED Hybrid from late April with several customers already having shown interest at just the sight of the machines specifications.

Also following in the footsteps of Vulcan’s success is the launch of the 3.2m Vulcan Classic, a lighter and more cost conscious version of its bigger 5m Vulcan sibling. This model will provide customers an entry-level grand format production focused machine with all the advantages of LED and with the added bonus of not requiring 3 phase power. Vulcan Classic will also ship within the next 2 months with forward orders already being taken.

Direct to fabric print

Another subtler trend has been the move toward fabric-based printers for large banner applications over their less environmentally friendly plastic-based media printers. However, this comes at a cost with the print technology and production processes being more expensive and time consuming than traditional digital. Colorjet has looked to even the playing field with the 3.2m Softjet Grand giving customers the ability to print on polyester-based fabrics which can be easily recycled using environment-friendly aqueous inks. Ideally suited for the production of banners, displays, wall decorations, signage, flags, backdrops and backlit boards, the Softjet presents a compelling case with an impressive array of features in an outstanding value package.

Cutting free your production potential

Jwei, another of Jetmark’s major international partners where also at the show. Jwei offer hi-tech cutting and routing solutions at a fraction of the cost of their European rivals.
They showcased their large format CB08 Series 2 cutting table along with a prototype of their new dual gantry high-speed cutting table due for release late in 2018.

Jwei’s TruEdge Model has been very successful in the Australian market because of its reliability and its complete package specification. That is, there are no expensive option or accessories, the table comes loaded as standard with all cutting and routing options along with a conveyor system for greater productivity of roll-to-roll media. It is intended that Jwei’s new models will be offered similarly as great value fully optioned packages.

What’s right for your business

These trends represent an important cross-roads for the signage industry as it seeks to improve quality, productivity and its environmental credentials overall. The key take-out here is that the technologies behind these trends have finally come of age, they are now main stream and are highly cost competitive. So it’s timely to take a closer look at these technologies, their benefits and how they might fit into your own business model for the future.