Jetmark achieves G7 Master certification for trade printing

Trade wide format printer Jetmark Signage Partners has gained the prestigious Idealliance G7 Master qualification, following extensive consultancy by David Crowther, Idealliance’s Australia-New Zealand G7 Expert and also Managing Director of Colour Graphic Services.


Jetmark’s G7 process began in January 2020 but was interrupted by Covid-19 restrictions on travel and social distancing. David Crowther takes up the story: “Since January 2020, we have formed a close relationship with Jetmark to provide print calibration services to their range of wide and grand format production roll- to-roll and flatbed printers, covering the Colorjet Verve UV, Polo Turbo and Durst roll-to-roll.”

He continues: “During March and April 2021, we provided specialist print calibration and colour management support services at Jetmark’s, Tullamarine, Victoria factory. We utilised G7 print calibration that allows the implementation of ISO print standards and metrics, on multiple printers. G7 provides numerous benefits to print service providers – ensures similar neutral print appearance, aligns all print processes, substrates and inks, targeting grey balance and tonality. Our on site G7 print calibration service involves a careful and systematic approach where each is step validated, optimising the ink-substrate combination.”

Following Crowther’s work on profiling, alignment and training, all print devices so calibrated passed G7 for Greyscale and Targeted colour; but Qualification does not end there. A submission of results must be sent for verification, to Idealliance’s testing laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA.
idealliance certbadge G7mastertargeted qfThe G7 Master certification lasts for one year, whereupon an audit and test results are re-submitted to RIT Testing Lab for re-certification, to ensure consistency and conformity to the G7 standard. Jetmark is the only known trade wide format printer to have achieved G7 colour certification in Australia.
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