Jetmark and Colorjet: Making Waves at Visual Impact Sydney 2018

With a total of 2,750 visitors over three days, Visual Impact continues to be Australia’s largest digital print trade show. There was an exhibition of the best of Australia’s sign, display, engraving and graphics industry. It was held last 12 to 14 September 2018 and organised by Peter Harper from Visual Connections Australia.
Jetmark partook in the event by displaying some of our most valued products. We wanted to express our serious intent to open up the market with great value products, says Managing Director Craig Hornsey, offering customers a faster and higher return on investment.

Colorjet Vulcan Classic

The Colorjet Vulcan Classic 3.2mtr printer is one of our hallmark products. It is a UV roll-to-roll printer with advanced, long-life LED lamps that lessen downtime and minimise running costs. At Visual Impact, we ran the machine on a four-colour combination to deliver vibrant, stunning print quality.
The Vulcan is designed to improve productivity by ensuring trouble-free prints, making it the ideal machine for your mass production requirements. There’s no need to heat up the lamps. It boasts of cutting-edge features and advanced technology with an Electro Static Absorber System (ESAS) that absorbs static electricity. It comes with adjustable light intensity as well as a water-cooled system that keeps temperature low inside the print room.
The printer’s Colorjet Intelligent Pass Optimization (CIPO) technology provides a diverse range of print patterns depending on the needs of the customer. Its Colour White Colour (CWC) option, on the other hand, gives your prints a Day and Night Effect with no shift in colour hues.
With this printer, it’s possible to print anything you need to almost anything you want.

Colorjet Polo HQ

Another product on our display was the Colorjet POLO HQ (3.2 mtr) Eco-Solvent Printer. It is an industrial-grade, eco-solvent wide format printer made for efficient printing. Because of its 3.2 mtr roll-to-roll, the printer runs at a speed of 109 sqm/hr with high-quality displays – all while promising accuracy, even for high-volume requirements. It is built with a heavy-duty structure and high mechanical precision standards, satisfying those who want a perfect balance between swiftness and quality.
With GreenTech, we work towards excellent printing solutions that reduce our carbon footprint. The Polo HQ is highly eco-friendly because of Colorjet’s GreenTech technology. The machine eliminates cyclo-hexanone through non-volatile organic compounds (NVOCs) for prints that are fade-free, water-resistant, media-independent and UV-safe.

Bubble-Free Pro Hot

Originally from Hungary, our Bubble-Free Pro Hot application table also caught the eye of attendees at Visual Impact. We brought the Bubble-Free Pro Hot to the exhibit to show new customers that you can make mounting and laminating easy.
Operators can use it to mount and laminate digital prints while applying application tape to any flat surface or table or banner with a thickness of up to 60mm. It comes with a glass board, LED lighting, MDF board and PVC mat. The heated roller and electric bridge drive functions ensure high-quality lamination.

Jwei TruEdge Cutting Table

The last product in our display was the Jwei TruEdge cutting table. If you’re looking for a high-performance and low-maintenance cutter that lets you finish large format printing jobs in style, TruEdge is for you.
It has divided vacuum sections that will ensure that any material is firmly held in place while it cuts, creases plots or engraves.
The Jwei TruEdge cutting table is a brilliantly designed yet well-priced piece of equipment that offers speed, precision and years of reliable service. It utilises robust components, such as straight rails, a Japanese synchronous belt and digital servo drivers to give you excellent control over the operations. Its automatic table-level measuring function makes setup and downtime a breeze.
Its ethernet interface system makes upgrades easy, but this also allows it to be connected to multiple computers, expanding its versatility.

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