Jetmark Partners with Tractus3D

We are proud to be the exclusive sales partner of Tractus 3D in providing the Australian market with powerful 3D printers at affordable prices. Tractus 3D, a Dutch company puts high importance on product quality and efficiency. Likewise, customer service and technical support are paramount in its goals. These are the same values that the Jetmark Group espouses.
Tractus 3D printers are the most advanced yet very price competitive; thus, making prototyping and 3D printing accessible to every business. Businesses can choose from the Tractus 3D Series to match their need.

The Desk Series (T650, T850, and T1250) can 3D print small detailed parts and specialised tools. It enables you to manufacture products without the high costs. This series prints fast at high accuracy. Being of lightweight, you can install the Tractus 3D Desk Series on top of your desk, very much like when you install your desktop computer.
The Pro Series (T650P and T850P) is designed to create strong and lightweight parts. This series can handle very high temperatures which are necessary when you use PEEK and ULTEM® (PEI), materials commonly used for engineering applications. PEEK and ULTEM® (PEI) are high-performance materials, stronger and more resistant than other thermoplastics. Objects produced from these materials are stronger, durable, and lasts long.

The Large Volume Series (T2000, T3000, and T3500) is specially designed to 3D print life-size objects without the build volume constraint. This series can create large objects up to 2.1 meters in height. The Large Volume Series have a much larger build size than most industrial 3D printers in the market. Tractus 3D Large Volume Series can print objects faster at a higher resolution.
Tractus 3D manufactures the most advanced industrial 3D Printers that are built to last. To ensure that customers always have the latest 3D technology, Tractus 3D printers are built modularly. Hence, new technologies can be easily added as well as updating the printers to the latest standards. Their modular construction also makes it easy to maintain the printers, when necessary.
Tractus 3D printers can print using a wide variety of materials. Over 20 materials from different suppliers can be used to produce or 3D print your object. To ensure that stringent quality standards are followed, all Tractus 3D printers are manufactured in-house in Germany.

Tractus 3D printers are easy to operate and delivered ready to print. They come with easy to follow manual that takes the user from first time use, operating the 3D printer, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It also includes a knowledge section to help the user learn everything about 3D printing. Should the customer request, we will provide technical assistance.