Is Your Business Covid-19 Proof?

It always pays to be prepared. Unprecedented times do happen like the situation we are in right now. When everybody was anticipating that 2020 is the year of perfect vision and opportunity, we were caught off guard with the havoc that Covid-19 brought and continues to bring to the entire world.

Covid-19 is worse than the previous events that plagued businesses worldwide. It is nothing compared to the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Covid-19 disrupted the supply chain!

How can your business survive in this pandemic?


Stock on Essential Raw Materials

To keep your business running, you need a steady supply of your essential raw materials. Some businesses are forced to stop operation or buy more expensive raw materials because prices have escalated. It is important that your partner supplier is reliable and is prepared even in the worst situation. At Jetmark, we have our warehouse stocked with the essential raw materials for printers.


Cost Saving

Now is the time to look for ways to save on your production cost. You may have put off the idea of sourcing for an alternative ink supplier because you are comfortable with what you are using. Every dollar saved, improves your bottom line. Jetmax inks provide a cost-effective alternative to your existing inks or ink systems. Jetmax inks are colour matched closely to OEM’s so there is no need to flush lines or significantly change your colour print profiles. Our experienced printer technician can even set it up for you at no cost!


Jetmax, the Digital Bulk Ink System

Your inks must be the best in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Customers attest to the performance and reliability of Jetmax Digital Bulk Ink System. This enables them to save enormous amounts of money. We’ve helped them calculate their savings; we can assist you too.

Jetmax inks are specially formulated for high-speed print performance and to provide excellent print quality and longevity – high-intensity colour, excellent adhesion to the substrate, UV resistant. Jetmax inks are designed and optimized for most modern large format printers.

Jetmax inks will surely boost your productivity. Since ink levels are always visible, you will not run out of inks in mid-print. These fast-drying inks will save you production time.

Jetmax Digital Bulk Ink System is operator friendly. Ink levels visibility enables you to make a refill at the perfect time and on the fly. Refilling is simple; no complex printer reconfiguration is required.

Because Jetmax inks are 100% efficient, there is less ink required and no ink is wasted. With the digital bulk system, the packaging material is kept to a minimum. There will be no stockpiling of nearly used cartridges.

Today is the best time to consider reviewing your printing cost. Survive and thrive. Call us now so we demonstrate the efficiency of our inks. At Jetmark, you will never run out of quality inks.