Product of the Month: Solar Screen Window Films

Solar Screen offers a wide selection of fully tinted or graduated automotive window films.

Thanks to this polarizing film, create a blackout effect on your LCD or Plasma screens while preserving a perfect view through the glass.

There is no noticeable change in the view and transparency of your windows. Our transparent burglary-resistant films are resistant to shocks and attempts to break the glass, as well as to common scratches. Eight different models are available in this range. The transparent protection films are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with a suitable thickness and a reinforced adhesive. They effectively protect your windows from break-ins and other damage.

With its dichroic and chameleon-like properties, the self-adhesive Aurora film changes in hue and colour with every variation in the angle of observation. The Aurora decorative film uses natural light to maximum effect, bringing your windows and glass partitions to life through its warm tones and dichroic tint.

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