The Ultimate Digital Bulk Ink System

New Eco and Eco 2 Inks are simple Plug & Play replacements for all Roland OEM eco-solvent inks providing a cost-efficient yet high-quality solution for most common wide format printers. No flushing of inks or changes to profiles is required.

› Ink can be refilled on the fly
› Ink levels are visible at all times

› Huge dollar savings
› Industry proven performance & reliability

› Much less ink & packaging waste
› No more stockpiling nearly used cartridges
› 100% ink efficiency

› Excellent adhesion & UV resistance
› Solid glossy blacks
› Colour matched to original inks

› No more running out of ink in the middle of a print
› Huge time and cost saver
› Fast drying & gassing out times

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Call Jetmark on 1800538627 to get setup!

Bulk Ink System Installation Guide

Step 1

Insert empty cartridges into printer.

Step 2

Ensure collars are in the unlocked position.

Step 3

Relocate black rubber bung from breather hole to spare hole.

Step 4

Remove the safety cap from the bottle ready for insertion.

Step 5

With one hand supporting the bottom of the cartridge, insert the 500ml bottle and push down.

Step 6

Turn collar to locked position.

Step 7

Conduct 2-3 powerful cleans to suck the air bubbles through the system.

Step 8

Print nozzle test print and check for ink supply. If it is not back to previous performance – repeat powerful clean and retest print.


› 100% Compatible with OEM ink
› Fast drying and gassing out times
› Very solid and glossy blacks
› Long print head life
› Brilliant colour and print quality

Tested and Industry Proven

Time has proven our range of inks at Jetmark to have outstanding durability that can withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. Our customers have experienced improved colour gamut, faster drying and gassing out times along with increased print head life. Their consistent quality makes them ideal for high low or high production environments.

Bulk Ink System
Installation Guide Video

Service and Support

We commit to providing you with fast and high level of service and support (onsite or telephone support), whenever you use any of our Jetbest, Jetmax, or Zed7 ink systems.

Call us on 1800 538 627 or email for more information.

Bulk Ink System Clear Ink Reservoirs

› Clear cartridges supplied with a permanent chip
› Superior proven Ink and Ink system 
› Suitable for use with Zed7, Jetbest and Jetmax Inks

New Eco Clear Ink Reservoirs

220ml Vertical C M Y K LC LM
440ml Horizontal C M Y K LC LM

Eco 2 Clear Ink Reservoirs

220ml Vertical C M Y K
440ml Horizontal C M Y K LC LM LK

Digital Inks