Jetmax  |  Banner Mesh PVC Coated

PVC Banner Mesh is available in different weaves and grades of open area. They are predominately used for fencing to reduce wind loading on the signage. The printed signage will have a higher quality appearance on a premium 80/20% mesh because it has more printable area. However, the wind loading will also be higher.

Premium Banner Mesh  |  270gsm

White Gloss, 12 x 12


This mesh has an 80% printable surface and a 20% open area. Ideal for privacy, print quality and durability.

Air Mesh  |  240gsm

White Matt, 9 x 9


This mesh has a 65% printable area and a 35% open area. Ideal for wind exposed areas where high print quality is required.

Open Weave Banner Mesh  |  230gsm

White Gloss, 6 x 6


This mesh has a 50% printable area and a 50% open area. Ideal for areas with high wind exposure.

Media – Non Adhesive