Application Consumables

Jetmax  |  Ultimate Grip Adhesive


› Multi-purpose adhesive and sealant
› Suitable for a variety of signage materials
› Ultimate Grip is a single component polymer adhesive with fast grip technology
› Excellent crack, UV and weather resistance, can be applied to damp surfaces
› Temperature resistant from -40°C – +90°C
› Immediate tack with fast curing
› Free of solvent and silicone

Jetmax  |  Caulking Gun

Jetmax  |  Adhesion Promoter

› Ideal for increasing the strength of your adhesive in demanding applications
› Liquid primer formulated to promote adhesion between substrate and vinyl

Viponds  |  Prep Lube

1Lt  |  4Lt
› Substrate lubricant solution designed to prepare surfaces prior to applying vinyl films
› Allows the applicator to accurately position vinyl
› Enhances the adhesion of the vinyl
› 500ml of solution makes 4L of lubricant
› Ideal for glass surfaces
› Can also be used to clean the substrate

Viponds  |  Prep Vinyl

1Lt  |  4Lt

› Surface solvent cleaner ideal for metal and vinyl surfaces
› Fast evaporating solvent containing isopropyl alcohol to clean and dry all surfaces before applying self adhesive vinyl and to clean vinyl surfaces before painting

Viponds  |  Prep Wash

1Lt  |  4Lt

› Surface solvent cleaner ideal for metal and glass surfaces
› General purpose solvent cleaner for removing dirt, oil and grease from metals and substrates prior to applying vinyls and paint

Wolfchester  |  Industry Cleaner


› 465ml spray pack ideal for metal and glass surfaces
› Strong solvent based product designed specifically for the effective removal of adhesive residues on glass and metal surfaces

Dissol  |  All Purpose Cleaner


› Concentrated all purpose cleaner
› 750ml spray bottle ideal for vinyl surfaces
› High strength formulation
› Able to clean vinyl without fading or drying out the surface

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