Your inks and supplies need to stay cool too!

It’s predicted to be a long hot summer this year, so when you’re away from the office over the break things can get very hot without doors being opened or air conditioning being in operation. As a result your sensitive media and ink supplies can get over heated, potentially damaging their chemical make up.
During the 2 or more weeks we all close down for the summer holidays temperatures around the country can often be in the mid 30’s and in excess of 40 degree at times. These sorts of temperatures in a closed office/warehouse can create a cooker effect, so if you know your office tends to over heat make sure you follow these basic tips to minimise the impact on your supplies. Remember, that in particular inks need to be stored at a regulated temperature so check your packaging for exact details, but generally speaking between 10-30 degrees is safe.
Here’s a few tips to keep them cool:

  • Store them in the coolest place in the office/warehouse
  • Keep them away from windows where direct sunlight can strike
  • If you have air conditioning consider setting a mild cooling mode on timer for peak heat periods, or
  • If you are going to be at home over the break, take your inks with you and store them in a suitably cool place

In addition, your printer and the ink within it are also susceptible to heat. More importantly the ink currently sitting in the print heads can dry out very quickly with the potential of causing serious damage. To find out more read this article.