Don't let your printer dry out over summer

While you might take a well earned holiday over the Christmas break and go somewhere nice and sunny there’s some very good reasons not to give your large format printer a break.
The last thing you need on your return from holiday is to find your print heads have dried out in the summer heat because someone thought it would be wise to turn off or disconnect the printer from the power supply. Most modern wide format printers have a self cleaning function that operates while on standby mode, so if this is the case with your model make sure you leave it on stand-by and maintain those valuable print heads.
If your printer doesn’t have a self cleaning function or you plan to be away for an extended period, let’s say more than a couple of weeks, you should either replace all cartridges with cleaning cartridges and flush the system or, have a staff member come in and do the regular weekly maintenance including running a test print to check all is well. If you are unsure about the best option for your specific printer, then just call the Jetmark team for some friendly advice on 1800 538 627.

In addition to your printer make sure you keep your inks and sensitive media cool this summer as well. Read this article for tips for keeping your supplies safe from over heating this summer.