Visual Impact Darling Harbour Review

The all new Vulcan UV LED Grand Format printer was the king of the Visual Impact Expo, weighing over 7 tons and printing at 5m wide it was hard not to notice this impressive machine!

Colorjet Vulcan UV LED Grand Format

Printing at up to 1800dpi in 3.2m form and up to an incredible 2400dpi in 5m form, the Vulcan comes with an impressive array of features making it a truly remarkable production force. Empowered with V8 performance technology, the Vulcan harnesses productivity advantages by combining smart memory, thermal design and print quality technologies with advanced multi-tasking and multi-threading capabilities. Onlookers were simply blown-away by the sheer scale and quality of the 5m wide prints.

Colorjet Verve UV Flatbed

Next to impress is the Verve UV Flatbed, an advanced true flatbed printer capable of printing on almost any rigid surface while ensuring better registration for higher quality prints. With both conventional and hybrid models offering CMYK plus white or dual CMYK and top of the range hybrid now available with dual CMYK and dual white there’s a Verve perfect for your production needs. The Verve is an outstanding performer in every respect with the latest Konica Minolta print heads providing superb colour results.

Another great bonus of Verve ownership is the low running costs, with inks available at prices that would make other providers blush and a great value maintenance program to ensure your new Verve provides years of accurate and reliable service. So talk to Jetmark today about which exceptionally well priced Verve would best suit your production needs!

Jwei TruEdge

Easy to operate on a wide range of media and materials the TruEdge has a 6-axis motion control system which can handle the most intricate cutting jobs with ease. With divided vacuum sections, the table can tightly hold media of a variety of sizes to ensure accuracy and maintain smooth operation. With easy tool change operation and with an automatic table-level measuring function TruEdge reduces setup downtime and makes operation a breeze.
This brilliantly designed and well priced machine will provide many years of reliable service making it a great return on investment.

Bubble-Free Mouse

Not everyone has the space or access to install a large mounting and laminating table, that’s where the all new compact but mighty Mouse comes in. Available as standard with a strengthened safety glass working bench including LED illumination and a quality cutting mat, all for a highly attractive price.
Regular demonstrations drew a crowd and visitors took advantage of the opportunity to get hands on and operate the Mouse for themselves. If you’d like to know more about the Bubble-Free or would like to take advantage of the show specials call us now on 1800 538 627.

Also available Bubble-Free Pro Limited

With the the customisable Bubble-Free Pro you can mount and laminate large-scale digital prints and apply application tape to any flat surface up to 60mm thick with ease. Simple to operate, the Bubble-Free Pro will save you time and cut waste by helping you get it right first time, every time! Now available in the Limited Edition colour coded range or even custom made with your own branded colour!

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