Zed7 Polymeric & Monomeric films making a mark

Jetmark Sales Director David Hornsey describes the made-in-Germany Zed7 Self-adhesive vinyls, laminates, wall covering and glass etch films as: “simply the best I’ve seen.” Best of all, good quantities of stock have arrived and ready to be shipped nationally.

Zed7 films and laminates, like so many German-manufactured products, are made to the highest possible standards and are RoHS and REACH compliant.

The range, distributed by Jetmark, covers self-adhesive vinyls, laminates, glass etch films and wall coverings, in 1370mm (54″) wide rolls, with other sizes available on request..

Three series of Zed7 are available:
Zed7 700 series – rated 5-7 year polymeric vinyl
Zed7 500 series – rated 5 years polymeric vinyl  & Zed7 300 series – rated 3 years monomeric vinyl

Within these three categories are fifteen types including matte, gloss, blockout, greyback and three grades of glass decoration films with dusted etch, silver etch or dark silver etch effects.

The printable vinyls exhibit ideal printability for Latex, Solvent, Eco-Solvent and UV processes. Colours are vibrant and Zed7 materials do not curl – they lay flat for optimal printing on flatbed printers and avoiding head-strikes on roll-to-roll printers. The durability and colour stability of Zed7 means that sign companies will experience reduced or zero re-makes, entailing re-installing faded signs often in height-challenging situations.

The 700 Series Polymeric Digital Print Vinyl is resistant to any tough environment and is warrantied between 5 to 7 years. It can be applied to glass, aluminium, foam boards and a range of plastics. The 500 Series will last for up to 5 years while, if customers are changing their artwork and design more often, the 300 monomeric series with 3-year warranty will be better suited and more economical.

Overall, Zed7 guarantees premium quality but without the premium price. Key benefits are:
-Low Curl Technology
-Easy to Apply
-Excellent Printability
-Industry Leading Warranty
-Indoor / Outdoor
-German Quality Technology
-Wide Range of Films
-Huge Stock Holding
-Fast Despatch nationwide

Jetmark has a team of experts on hand to advise on the best Zed7 products for specific projects.
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